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Posts List section

With Make Plus installed, the page builder’s Post Lists section shows off your selected posts in grid-based columns. You can add featured images, show the excerpt, display the date, and more — all by configuring the section.

Add a Posts List section

In the builder menu, hover over the Posts List icon and click green-plus to add this section to your page.

Configure the section

Click the Configure section icon in the section header to:

  • Add a section title. This displays above the Post List section if it is set.
  • Add a HTML section ID or class.
  • Check to remove the space below the section.

Configure the posts

  • Type: Choose which post type to display. Posts and Pages are the default options, but if you have installed plugins that add other post types, these will be listed here as well.
  • From: Choose to display posts from all categories and tags or a specific one, or the child pages of a specific post/page.
  • Keyword: If used, only the posts that contain the entered keyword/phrase will be shown.
  • Sort: Choose the order to in which to display your posts.
  • Number to show: Specify how many posts to show in the grid. Setting this number to -1 will show all available posts that meet the criteria.
  • Item offset: If used, the posts list will skip the number of posts entered. A value of 2, for example, will skip the first two posts and begin your posts list with the third post.
  • Columns: The posts grid can have between 1 and 4 columns.
  • Display: Use the checkboxes to specify which information to display for each of the posts in your Posts List.
  • Show featured image: Choose if and where the post featured image displays.
  • Image aspect ratio: Choose to display the featured image in landscape, portrait, or square size.
  • Excerpt: Check to display the post or page excerpt.
  • Excerpt length (words): Set the number of words to show in the post or page excerpt.