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Products section

What better way to feature the products you have for sale than displaying a selection of them on your builder pages?

If you have both the WooCommerce plugin and the premium Make Plus plugin activated, the page builder’s Products section allows you to do just that.

Adding a Products section to any builder page will display your WooCommerce products in a grid, with a variety of filtering and display options.

Add a Products section

In the builder menu, hover over the Products icon and click green-plus to add this section to your page.

Configure the section

Click the Configure section icon in the section header to:

  • Add a section title. This displays above the section if it is set.
  • Check to remove the space below the section.

Configure the products

  • Show: Choose between All products, Featured products, and Sale products. Check the WooCommerce documentation for more information on setting up Featured and Sale products.
  • From: Choose a specific product category or tag from which to display products.
  • Sort: Choose the order to in which to display your products. Check the WooCommerce documentation for more information on these sorting options.
  • Columns: The product grid can have between 1 and 4 columns.
  • Number to show: Specify how many products to show in the grid. Setting this number to -1 will show all available products that meet the criteria.
  • Display: Use the checkboxes to specify which information to display for each of the products.