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Introducing Duet

By Scott Rollo on December 14, 2011


We’re extremely excited to announce our latest theme: Duet, a minimal, sophisticated WordPress theme tailored for writers, journalists, and business bloggers. We’ve worked hard to meticulously craft and refine Duet over the past three months, and we’re proud and excited with the result. Some of the features include: two-column layout (using CSS3), custom typography, custom color schemes, and a flexible featured slider.

We designed Duet using a mobile first approach; this responsive theme looks amazing in the browser and equally as awesome on your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Be sure to check out the theme page, and demo video below to discover more about Duet’s exciting features, and the demo site for a live preview.

We would also like to give a huge shout-out to Agustin Sanchez for allowing us to use his awesome photographs on the demo site!


  1. Karoline


    Lightning quick load times – scores well on most website graders. Subtle but powerful set of features.

    LOVE how you handle columns of text. It is proven that small blocks of text are easier to read online and with the ability to have 2 or 3 columns with this theme….well done!

    Looks great on my Ipad, Iphone, and friends google phone. Responsive themes are SO important. 20% of the visitors to my friends copywriting website are mobile users so a theme like this would be perfect for her.

    Sending her the link so she can purchase it!

  2. JCG

    Excellent work! I love especially your recent (outstandingly responsive and very clean) themes, like Duet and React.

  3. Caner

    This theme is simply amazing. The emphasis on typography and readability really sets it apart from many premium themes for wordpress out there (and trust me I shuffle through lots of websites looking for those). Also the responsive layout is very important, it’s definitely a selling point. These days I think all themes should be designed that way, there is no reason why they shouldn’t.

    I think a theme is definitely great when I look at it for a few hours and still can’t find anything that I would change. That’s the reason you buy premium themes, because most design decisions are made for you and they are the right ones.

    Great work!

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