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Use section classes and IDs

In Make Plus, you’ll find an option to add section IDs or classes in the Configure panel of each builder section. These settings make it easy to add custom styling to your individual builder sections, or create internal links for one-page sites.

Link to builder sections with section IDs

Use the section ID field in each builder section to create links to various sections on a one-page site or direct visitors to a particular section on that page.

For example, if you have a section on your about page ( for testimonials, you might add a section id called testimonials.

The link to this section would look like this — and you would add it to your menus by using the Custom Link function:

For more about creating and using custom menus in WordPress, see this page in the WordPress Codex.

Using section classes to apply custom CSS styles

Adding classes to your builder sections makes it easy to apply custom CSS styles on a per-section basis. The easiest way is to insert your custom styles to Additional CSS tab in Customizer.

In case you prefer to edit a real style.css file, make sure you have a child theme of your active theme activated. You can find a guide to Make’s child theme here.

We have tutorials to get you started with theme customizations in our Help Center: