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Content section

The page builder’s Content section generates a single- or multi-column layout. It’s our most versatile section — you can put anything you want in it. From a paragraph of text to your favorite cat videos ?. Anything you’d add to the default WordPress page editor should go in a formatted Content section.

Add a Content section

In the builder menu, hover over the Content icon and click green-plus to add this section to your page.

Heads-up: Since Make 1.4.0, there’s no longer a separate Blank section, as its purpose and functionality are now fully provided by the Content section.

Configure the section

Click the Configure section icon in the section header to:

  • Add a section title. This displays above the section if it is set.
  • Choose the number of columns to display. You can display between 1-4 columns in this section.
  • Add a HTML section ID or class.
  • Check to remove space below section.

Configure an individual column

For each column, you can:

  • Set a featured image. This image will appear at the top of the column. Click on the gray region with the image icon to upload a new image or choose one from the Media Library.
  • Set a column title and URL for the featured image. Click the Configure column icon.
  • Add content to the column. Click the Edit content icon or the blank area beneath the featured image to open the content editor. Once a column has content, the icon will change to green lines.

Change individual column widths

Place your cursor between any two columns and click and drag to adjust the column width. You’ll notice columns snap into several available width options.

Reorder individual columns

To rearrange the order of the columns, click and hold the double dotted border at the top of a column. Drag the column to a new location and release.

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