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Paperpunch 1.03 released

By team on May 6, 2010


As you may already know, we changed the name of Punchcut to Paperpunch earlier this week. Today we are releasing Paperpunch 1.03. This release contains two minor bug fixes and updates the name of the theme folders along with references to the the theme in the template files. Upgrading to this version is relatively easy but you will need to follow the instructions carefully.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Navigate to the downloads page and download both of the new Paperpunch 1.03 theme packages.
  2. Using FTP upload them side-by-side into your /wp-content/themes folder on your server (watch the installation video if you are having trouble).
  3. Do not overwrite or delete your existing /punchcut and punchcut_pro folders.

If you haven’t made any customizations to the files inside your /punchcut_pro folder (or added files) simply activate Paperpunch PRO and you are done. All of your theme option settings will remain intact. If you have made customizations or added files to your /punchcut_pro folder follow the instructions below.

  1. Using FTP download a copy of your /punchcut_pro folder and your new /paperpunch_pro folder to your (local) computer.
  2. Copy all of your custom CSS from your local /punchcut_pro/style.css file into the bottom of your local /paperpunch_pro/style.css file.
  3. If you have any custom template files in your /punchcut_pro folder follow these steps:
    • Open up the changed or added template file in your local /punchcut_pro and do a “Find / Replace” for “punchcut”, replacing it with “paperpunch”.
    • Now copy that updated template file into your local /paperpunch_pro folder.
    • Repeat the find and replace procedure for any additional custom template files.
    • When you are finished upload your /paperpunch_pro folder with your new template files inside to your server (overwriting if necessary) using FTP.
  4. Now activate Paperpunch PRO and you should be good to go!
  5. If you have problems, simply re-activate Punchcut PRO and report your problem in the support forums.


  • Bug Fix: Removed unecessary thin sidebar code.
  • Bug Fix: Added single quote HTML entities instead of plain text apostrophes to archive template.
  • Miscellaneous: Switched theme name and updated template file references to Paperpunch.

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