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New background features in Make & Make Plus 1.6.1

By Melissa Hill on July 2, 2015

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Make & Make Plus 1.6.1 which adds additional customization options for section backgrounds in the Page Builder — including parallax effects. Take a look at the preview below to see this Make Plus update in action.

Make 1.6.1 adds background color and image to the different Builder sections — no custom CSS required (but if you want to add some anyway, do it on the fly with the section IDs and classes in Make Plus).

Screenshot 2015-07-02 14.36.28

We’d love to see what you’re doing with the new features in Make & Make Plus, especially since the 1.6 release. Make sure to share your sites with us (drop us a note or use the hashtag #iusemake).

Get Make & Make Plus 1.6.1 here →

Finder now available on

By Melissa Hill on June 24, 2015

Finder theme for

Yesterday we released Finder, our ultra minimalist blog theme, on Uniquely suited for photoblogs, Finder was handcrafted to frame visual content with edge and elegance.

Finder for features seamless display of featured images on the posts page, a sticky footer for all your social networks or portfolio links, and a custom text mask for you to add signature style to your site title. Should you have questions while you’re setting up your blog, we’re happy to help in the premium theme support forums.

Check out the demo and purchase Finder on your dashboard, or directly from the theme showcase page. We’re looking forward to seeing your photo adventures!

Just how customizable is Make & Make Plus?

By Melissa Hill on June 3, 2015

How marketing agency, Captains of Industry used Make & Make Plus as a foundation for designing and developing their highly customized site.

Captains of Industry Make & Make Plus site

In the right hands, Make & Make Plus can be the foundation for a truly customized site. Just look at the new website for marketing agency Captains of Industry that used Make & Make Plus to get a jumpstart on development, and create a truly bespoke website for their content marketing agency (and in only a few weeks!).

Captains of Industry works with a variety of organizations—mainly B2B—on the development of their brand and both online and offline content. “Our work helps clients build meaningful relationships with their important customers and stakeholders,” explained Ted Dillon, Managing Producer. “Our content marketing approach pulls the right customers to our clients’ brands and engages them on a deeper level than traditional marketing. We believe that the cornerstone of traditional marketing—the idea of making people want stuff—has become increasingly irrelevant. So the mainstay of our work is just the opposite: make stuff that people want.”

“In the spring of 2015 we decided to do a refresh of our website based on analytics gathered over the previous 12 months. We saw opportunities to consolidate pages and messages, make it easier for potential customers to find the right information, and improve the quality of our web design. Our website is the face of our business, and a declaration of our abilities as a marketing partner. It’s important to Captains that we have a website that’s exceptionally designed, follows clear and provocative UX conventions, is easily editable. This is all in the service of clearly communicating our value and capabilities to prospective clients.”

The team initially read about Make in an article on the recent redesign of, which was built on top of Make’s page builder. “Captains is always looking for new technology and platforms that can add depth to our work — in this case, the flexibility to meet the requirements of our page templates and designs. Make Plus offered that.”


“We started with information architecture. We reviewed web analytics and copy and made quick decisions with a small team about what to keep, scrap and adapt.”

At that point, they jumped into designing by prototyping using Make & Make Plus rather than Photoshop. “The Customizer and page-by-page features of Make Plus allowed our designs and code to co-mingle, creating an easy framework to optimize desktop, tablet and mobile designs.”

And then they asked their developer to work some extra magic. “There were a couple places where we wanted to incorporate special functionality that went beyond Make & Make Plus—like an always-mobile navigation and detailed homepage slider. Creating a Make child theme and working within a clear code architecture made that process easy for our developer.”


How has the redesign impacted the brand? “Early feedback shows the clean design and simple architecture has helped more clearly communicate our value and act as a proof point for our capabilities.”

Which is important for a marketing agency like theirs, laser-focused on solving tough communications challenges in unconventional ways. And now, their website reflects their marketing philosophies and messages. “Consumers want tailored information and stories that are deeper than what’s being sold. The most successful marketing provides valuable, entertaining and shareable content that educates, fosters intimacy, and never interrupts. We focus on how we can build relationships prior to and beyond purchases; communicate both value and values; and shape opinions across entire sectors. That’s how we practice content marketing. It’s not for everybody, but we think we’re pretty good at it.”

You can follow the Captains on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you’re using Make & Make Plus as the foundation for your site, we’d love to hear about it! Reach out on twitter using the hashtag #iusemake to grab our attention!

How Star Treatments uses Make & Make Plus to support the work of their creative nonprofit

By Melissa Hill on May 27, 2015


When Make Plus Developer David Wilson sent us the link to Star Treatments we instantly fell in love with this outside-the-box charity organization and were thrilled that he was able to quickly put together an elegant, functional website to showcase this amazing group and raise awareness and funds to support kids going through chemotherapy treatment.


From Star Treatments website:

“What happens when the nearest Children’s Cancer treatment center is 400 miles away? Things such as the cost of gas back and forth, a car breaking down, or even taking time off from work could make things very difficult. The last thing anyone should worry about is being able to get their child safely to the care they deserve.”

We spoke with David a bit about Star Treatments and what the process of getting this non-profit online was like.

Tell us about your client, Star Treatments

DW: Star Treatments is an organization that provides a VIP transportation experience for children battling cancer to medical facilities. Star Treatments was founded as a non-profit organization by Matt DiRito — bassist for the rock band Pop Evil — and inspired by one little girl who won her battle with cancer.

High end tour busses with all the comforts and amenities of home sit idle when they’re not booked, while children across America drive for hours in pain, to and from their chemo treatments. Star Treatments is bringing the two together, at no cost to the family.

Star Treatments subscribes to the belief that positive experiences and quality time with friends and family are critical components in the healing process.

Why did you choose Make & Make Plus for the project?

DW: I chose Make & Make Plus as the theme for the Star Treatments website because I was looking for a theme with an elegance that matches its customizability. The Page Builder template really adds an extra layer of customizability with virtually endless possibilities.

How long did it take you to put the site together?

DW: The construction period building up to the initial launch of the website probably took about a week at most. I went back and forth a few times with my client, Matt, about additional content and edits he wanted to add to the site. Realistically, had I all of the content ready to go for the site, I could have put it all together in a day. Most of the time spent was waiting on some photos from the families of children in the Star Treatments program.

Has the new website made an impact on the organization? How so?

DW: The website I built using Make Plus has been great for Star Treatments. It has given them a central place to drive traffic for their cause. Using some great SEO, we’ve boosted their page rankings as well. PayPal integrations I added to the website have allowed them to put together a great start to the company’s operating budget, but there’s always more people can do to help! Check out the donation page for more information on how you can help out!

You can also follow Star Treatments on Facebook to keep up with new events and opportunities to give.

Angela Sasser & Angelic Shades #iusemake

By Melissa Hill on May 19, 2015


Angela Sasser is an Atlanta-based writer and illustrator. She specializes in character-driven fantasy art and Art Nouveau painting, as well as creating beautifully decorative handmade masquerade masks. In order to keep her portfolios tight and focused, she wanted to create three new sites. Angela spent three weeks putting together three different portfolios for her art, all using Make & Make Plus.

Tell us a little bit about your websites?


I’m a freelance creative professional and I use my websites as an online portfolio to share my work with other individuals and companies seeking illustrations and other creative work. I have multiple sites, all utilizing Make, which bring the varying facets of my creative personality to my clients. I create everything from whimsical Art Nouveau Paintings to decorative masquerade masks to character-driven fantasy art.

Why did you pick Make & Make Plus for the website? Were you looking for specific features?

Make was recommended to me by another creative professional (a writer) because it is extremely easy to use. Most artists aren’t very skilled at coding, which made Make’s simplicity appealing. I also needed a theme that was pliable enough to be adapted for use with my varied creative facets so I could make each site have its own identity. I also needed something compatible with WooCommerce, which is the e-commerce solution I picked for my business. Make suited all of these needs for me!

How long did it take you to put a site together? What was the process like?

It didn’t take long to finish my websites. I would estimate about a week spent on each one and that’s because I am extremely meticulous in my setup and presentation.

Has Make & Make Plus made an impact on your web presence?

I had a hand-built site before. It was unstable, didn’t display correctly on multiple devices, and difficult to update. Make, by contrast, is very stable, scales well to various devices, and makes my site very easy to update so I can spend more time creating in the studio instead of updating websites!

How can we follow you? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.?

You can find me at the following places. Social links are listed at the top of each site so you can follow which facet of me you prefer:

Do you use Make? Let us know on Twitter (hashtag: #iusemake). We’d love the opportunity to feature your site!

Introducing Finder

By Melissa Hill on May 6, 2015


It’s always exciting to release a new theme, and today we’re thrilled to share our latest — Finder with you. You can learn about Finder’s unique features or see it in action right here.

Save 50% for 24 hours

For the next 24 hours we’re offering Finder for just $39 — that’s 50% off. After the sale ends, the price will return to $79.

Design Simplicity

We’ve crafted Finder to frame your content with efficiency and edge, removing much of the typical WordPress clutter so that your images and words are the focus. Only the most important elements remain in our most minimal theme to date.

No post titles, dates, categories, tags or meta information will take away from your images and words, while uncontained images create a sense of space and scale on your posts and pages. Blog feed featured images link together, creating a visual narrative of your journeys, your work, and your passions.

Effortless Custom Styling

Finder features a unique custom text mask you can add to your site’s title. Use the default marble pattern we’ve included, or create and upload your own. Of course, if you already have a logo you love, upload that right from the Customizer as well.


Easily change the background color or image. Pick your favorite header and font colors. Add your own favicon and Apple Touch icon. Finder includes two menu locations, including one in the footer that stays sticky, no matter how long your content scrolls.

Choose your favorite widgets to display on your posts, while your pages and blog feed remain distraction-free.

Built in Typekit Fonts

Using a mix of bold headlines and thinner weight paragraph text creates a sense of visual drama. We’ve echoed the theme’s refined lines with the use of Aktiv Grotesk Std by Dalton Maag, a beautiful yet neutral typeface that that puts an emphasis on the content. No additional Typekit account needed through our partnership with Typekit — we’ve bundled these premium fonts right into the theme.

Get Finder Now

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UPDATE: This sale is now over.

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Save 25% on Make Plus Developer for the next 24 hours

By Melissa Hill on April 28, 2015

UPDATE: This sale is now over.


“Make has made things easier for me to build AND for the client to control. I look forward to building just about every website in the near future with Make.”

Kevin Skarritt, Flock Marketing

It’s exciting to see designers and developers push the limits of what’s possible with Make and Make Plus, develop faster, and ship more. We’re constantly impressed by the incredibly valuable feedback we receive from our Developer community and continually wowed by the sites they’re putting together for clients. We rarely run sales, but for the next 24 hours…

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Here are just a few of the features our Make Plus Developers have flagged as favorites:

  • Responsive design – Beautifully responsive on any screen or device, you won’t have to worry about losing clients or customers due to mobilegeddon.
  • Clean, valid code – Professionally and thoughtfully coded with WordPress best practices in mind, and valid HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Action & filter hooks – Action and filter hooks, complete with documentation, make it easy for developers to expand and customize Make sites for their clients.
  • Ready-made child theme – Download and install a ready-made child theme for your Make site. Save your customizations while ensuring your site is up to date with the latest Make release.
  • Sass files included – We have Sass files for you, in case coding the CSS by hand isn’t your style.

Make also comes with native styling for and integration with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Postmatic, and the official Twitter plugin.

We hope you’ll consider adding Make Plus to your developer’s toolkit, and we’d like to extend a 25% discount on a year of Make Plus Developer.

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Luci Ward & Design by Luci #iusemake

By Melissa Hill on April 22, 2015


Luci is a Brighton-based designer whose minimalist-chic take on her Make-made portfolio, Design by Luci just blew us away! From her website:

I embrace both print and digital design and have worked with a variety of businesses across different sectors such as fashion, travel, education and food, helping them bring their brand to life through beautiful design.

Here’s how Luci uses Make to accomplish this:

Tell us a little bit about your website?


I’ve been a graphic designer since 2011 and decided to go completely freelance in January 2015. I offer a one on one design service to individuals, small and large businesses and also lend my skills to agencies that need a little helping hand with their workload. My website showcases my work and the services I provide, I also offer a few freebies (currently I have some desktop wallpapers up for grabs).

Why did you pick Make & Make Plus for the website? Were you looking for specific features?

I wanted my website to be clean and minimal yet have a big impact. I was looking for a theme that allowed me to have full control and freedom in order to make my site unique and personal. Make was the perfect fit!

How long did it take you to put together? What was the process like?

It roughly took me two weeks to put my website together, most of that was sifting through my work and picking which bits to showcase and then editing them the way I wanted. The process was extremely easy, the Page Builder tool is an absolute dream and saved so much time! With previous themes i’ve used I found that I would be faffing for ages on a page just to get a picture in the right place and would dread having to update my site, but I didn’t have any trouble with Make Plus! I look forward to uploading more of my work and adapting it as my business evolves.

Has Make & Make Plus made an impact on your web presence/business/brand?

I have found that I am being approached a lot more from companies and individuals from all over the world! It’s exciting to see a new email come through from the website and to think that after looking around my site they decided to get in touch.

How can we follow you? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.?

You can follow me on Facebook: /designbyluci Twitter: @designbyluci and Instagram: designbyluci.

Do you use Make? Let us know on Twitter (hashtag: #iusemake). We’d love the opportunity to feature your site!

Kevin Skarritt & The Halfway Cafe #iusemake

By Melissa Hill on April 15, 2015


Kevin Skarritt is Chief Peep (CEO) of Flock Marketing, and they do it all — social media marketing, content strategy, and web design and development. Their latest client project The Halfway Cafe used Make & Make Plus to create a delicious and drool-worthy website we couldn’t pass on without sharing. From Flock Marketing’s website:

Bringing a brand to vibrant life isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here’s how Flock Marketing used Make to help achieve vibrant rebranding for The Halfway Cafe:

Tell us a little bit about your business?


Recently I was ranked by StatSocial (soon to be published in Forbes Magazine) as one of the top 100 Social Media Influencers for 2015. Although I’m REALLY excited about that accolade, it misses out on showing the full picture of what we do. We are also designers, web developers, content strategists and marketing consultants… however, our core (and most important) service is brand strategy.

Why did you pick Make & Make Plus for this project? Were you looking for specific features?

Make & Make Plus were recommended to me by uber-WP-guru Topher DeRosia. I’d been flip-flopping between other themes and found them to be either too over-built or not flexible and intuitive enough. I’m not a hard-core programmer like Topher so I needed something that better supported my approach to web development — something that was intuitive enough so I didn’t need a Master’s degree in programming, but also something powerful enough that, when I brought in the pros like Topher, the theme would hold up.

How long did it take you to put together? What was the process like?

Of course, every site is different. One of the things I like about Make is that you can crank out a great looking site very quickly by using the built in aesthetic controls in the WordPress theme customization settings. Or you can go crazy and custom define everything. The Halfway Cafe was on a modest budget so their site doesn’t include any complex/proprietary functions or applications. It took less than 30 hours… including the design, content, supporting image processing, building the widgets and page construction.

Has Make & Make Plus made an impact on the web presence?

Anything that makes things easier is a positive impact. Yes! Make has made things easier for me to build AND for the client to control. I look forward to building just about every website in the near future with Make.

How can we follow you? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.?

Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram | Vine

Do you use Make? Let us know on Twitter (hashtag: #iusemake). We’d love the opportunity to feature your site!