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Install the child theme

Before making changes to the theme code, we recommend that you install a child theme. This ensures that your changes won’t be lost when updating to a new version of Make.

Download and install the theme

  1. Start by downloading the Make child theme.
  2. Navigate to AppearanceThemes and click Add New.
  3. Click Upload Theme.
  4. Click Browse and choose the file you just downloaded, then click Install Now.
  5. Once it is installed, click Activate.

By the way, WordPress considers a child theme to be an entirely separate theme from the parent with regard to theme options. If you have configured options for the parent theme in the Customizer before installing the child theme, these options will not carry over to the child. You can either configure the options again for the child theme, or try to migrate the theme options.

Get customizing!

We’ve put together these guides to help get you started customizing your child theme. If you get stuck, let us know in our Help Center and we’ll try to point you in the right direction!

Are you seeing the following notice?

“You’ve activated a child theme! It looks like the parent theme’s settings have previously been configured in the Customizer. Would you like to import these settings into the child theme?”

This notice will appear if you’ve made changes in the Customizer of the parent theme before installing the child theme. If you choose to import those settings to your child theme, they will overwrite anything you’ve already set in the child theme.

To keep it simple, we suggest you only import these settings when you first install your child theme.