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Easy Digital Downloads

Make and Make Builder has been designed to integrate smoothly with Easy Digital Downloads’ (EDD) default templates, enabling you to create a website with a consistent design and an online shopping experience that really pops.

With Make Plus, the integration is even deeper, with a dedicated section in the page builder, new style and layout options in the Customizer, and more.

Page builder section

When EDD is enabled, you will see a brand new section available in the page builder called Downloads. This section will output a grid of download products according to the criteria you specify in the section configure options.

Check out the Downloads section documentation for more information.

Column widget areas

Besides the Downloads section, you can create other dynamic download layouts using another feature exclusive to Make Plus: Column widget areas. EDD comes with several widgets that will output product details, categories, or other features of the plugin.

By converting one or more of a Columns section’s columns to widget areas, you can mix these features with text and image content to create an unlimited variety of dynamic shop layouts.

Layout Settings

In Make, the visibility of the site header, site footer, left, and right sidebars is controlled on a per-view basis in the Customizer’s Content & Layout panel.

In most themes, the EDD shop page and download archives would be Archive views, individual downloads would be Posts, and utility pages like cart and checkout would be Pages. With Make Plus, however, EDD gets its own view sections.

The Shop section controls the shop page, download archives, and utility pages, while the Products section controls individual downloads.

Shop sidebar

You can also choose to replace one of the sidebars in the Shop and/or Product views with a separate Shop sidebar. Once enabled, this sidebar can be customized with widgets the same as any other, through the Customizer.

To enable this sidebar:

  1. Navigate to the Customizer, Appearance → Customize.
  2. Click on the Content & Layout panel, and find the Shop or Layout section in the left column.
  3. Find the Shop sidebar location option. Choose Left sidebar or Right sidebar to use the Shop sidebar in its place, or Neither to disable the Shop sidebar for that view.
  4. Make sure that the appropriate sidebar location is also enabled for that view (e.g. if Left sidebar is chosen, the Show left sidebar box under the Header, Footer, Sidebars heading should also be checked).
  5. Click Save & Publish.