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Excitement on the way

By team on May 27, 2011

Earlier this year we decided the time was right to hire at least one full-time employee to help take the Foundry (and our parent company Jestro) to the next level. We underestimated the enormous amount of time this whole process takes, hence why their hasn’t been much excitement around here over the past couple months.

We are a small bootstrapped company and it is very important we carefully and diligently navigate through the entire process. Building the right team now will help us grow and continue to deliver a high level of service and support for our products over the long haul.

Excitement on the way

The good news is once we complete this process everything will start to pick up again, and at a much faster pace. Here’s what you can look forward to this summer:

  • New business theme released in June July (instead of May).
  • Announcement of a new theme project with Veerle Pieters.
  • Introduction to our first full-time employee.
  • An overhaul of our theme documentation and members area.
  • Increased development on our existing theme collection.
  • More premium themes available for purchase on
  • More news about our upcoming Memberful product.

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